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Offer for those who do not need regular sessions or want to only come for a single treatment to address a crisis or a special need. As we do not meet regularly, I am offering a session that is 30min longer, to make sure you leave with clear insights and feeling grounded.

What does it include?

  • 1x 120 min session

  • Monthly online breathwork class access

price: 1250 dkk     (VAT inc.)


This is the most powerful and fastest pathway. It gives you a quick start and a clear sense of progress. In my experience clients working in this flow for 2 months always experience significant improvement in their life quality.

What does it include?

  • 4x 90 min sessions 

  • 1 live group Breathwork participation free access

  • 1 Circling (group relational workshop) free access

  • Email/WhatsApp support

  • Monthly online breathwork class access

price: 3600 dkk     (VAT inc.)


That is an effective frequency of doing the work, and thanks to the extra access to workshops you can get additional support. As there are some weeks when we do not see each other in person, I am also inviting you to a 1x 40 min online Inquiry.

What does it include?

  • 2x 90 min sessions 

  • 1 live group Breathwork or Circling (group relational workshop) free access

  • 1x 40 min online Inquiry call

  • Monthly online breathwork class access

price: 2200 dkk     (VAT inc.)

Below you can read about the main approaches which I integrate during individual sessions.



MYOFASCIAL ENERGETIC RELEASE (MER) is meant to release fascia* and muscles through mostly slow and deep touch. The slowness and gentleness of the touch allow to contain and relax even into the most challenging and contracted areas. Clients usually experience a reduction of pain, deep relaxation, increased body awareness, connecting to emotions, physical or emotional release. Every treatment has its unique shape, depending on your needs. Besides slow, deep touch, it normally also includes elements of:

  • Conscious breath

  • Conscious movement 

  • Work on trigger points 

  • Pulsing, rocking

  • Release through tremors

  • Joint release 


I am meeting you with my touch, and you are invited to meet me with your breath, conscious movement, and verbal expression.


*Fascia is a connective tissue, which creates a web interconnecting muscles, organs, and basically each component of a human body. Over the last decades, more and more studies indicate that fascia's role is substantial in the processes of releasing chronic tensions and embodied traumas. If you are curious to hear more I can recommend this TedTalk or Tom Mayers prelection at Google.

Here, you can find more information about Myofascial Energetic Release modality.



The fundament of the Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System is deep, connected breath. Connected means with reduced pauses between inhalation and exhalation. When we allow for such respiration, over time, the patterns of holding suppressed responses of our body, and unexpressed emotions are loosening. As a result, one can release various physical, emotional, and energetic residues kept in the system. Those residues can be called traumas and can arise from single events in our lives (shock trauma) or from lasting exposure to a challenging environment (developmental trauma). That breathwork modality has been developed based on the work of Peter Levine in the field of trauma, and Wilhelm Reich's concept of belts of tensions and character types.


Other key elements of this practice are conscious movement, present touch, bodywork, conscious emotional and verbal expression, music, and mediation. The aim of these elements is to create space for staying present and surrendering to arising sensations and impulses while allowing for the integration of the release process. From the session you can expect:


  • loosening both emotional and physical holding patterns,

  • energetical and emotional release,

  • connecting with your own center,

  • finding deep relaxation and peace


Follow this link, if you are eager to read and watch more about this breathwork modality.  Also, here you can find a FB group where I publish information about upcoming group workshops or events.

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