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I support my clients in healing embodied trauma and in transforming their anxiety and pain, by creating more presence and acceptance. My work is a holistic approach, that creates a connection between body, mind, and spirit, and helps people to go through their moments of crisis in life.

Here you can apply for a free Inquiry session. Using a body-oriented Inquiry, we will explore a topic you would like to work with during your therapy process. The issue you bring into the session can manifest as emotional tension, physical pain, or energetical misalignment. Any form of unease, struggle, or confusion with which you want to get support is welcome. 

That exploration aims to give you new insights, relief, and a sense of what the work with me looks like.  During the session, we will explore physical sensations, emotions, and inner beliefs, potentially connecting them with developmental trauma.

The last 5 minutes we will spend reflecting on the session. I might bring some ideas on your journey toward healing and what could be helpful in your further process.  If it feels right to continue working together, we will discuss what it can look like. 

Fill in the form to apply for a 30 min Inquiry

You will receive a reply from me shortly after submitting the form. I will offer you a few possible time slots for an online or physical free Inquiry session.