Below you can find the list of practices and workshops which I facilitate or co-facilitate in the venue of Relational Spaces. Click on the picture to read more information and find the events calendar.. The calendar with those and any other events taking place at Relational Spaces can be found here.


Join for an immersive, embodied exploration of freedom, aliveness, and presence through Breath, Sound, Movement, and Touch. If you would like to allow for your emotions, find more relaxation in your body and mind, discover freedom in your expression and feel the pleasure of a deep breath – THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU.



The aim of this series of workshops is to introduce fundamental aspects of doing bodywork. Generally, the focus will not be on massage techniques, but rather try on creating the conditions for you to be intimate with yourself and the person you are working with.

Some elements could be:
– How to be really curious about the other.
– How to use your intuition.
– How to trust your embodied knowing.



Do you have a longing to slow down, rest in the presence of a group, and be received just as you are? Would you like to practice exploring other people's realities with openness and acceptance? Do you wonder what it is like to express yourself with fewer expectations and judgments?
If so, Circling might be for you.

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If you wish to connect with others, in a mostly non-verbal way, through giving and receiving touch you might find that workshop appealing. It offers an attentive, intimate, gentle, and caring space in which we will investigate how it is to connect with own body and with another human. Class is also a good space to practice naming own needs and boundaries as well as practicing giving with the respect to own capacities and sense of comfort.

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Join us for a free-of-charge celebration of a starting weekend in the cozy hang-out space, while connecting with friends and newly met people. During this time any form of movement is welcome, and you can allow for the full expression of your creative, free being. Shake, wave, crawl, jam, flow, jump or sit still. Be cheerful and jolly or introverted and tender. Feel welcome in whatever form and state you are in and allow yourself to immerse in a dance – cuddle – movement – play - Being exploration.

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