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Embodied Release means to me bringing the potential for a lasting change, in my own, and another person's life. Change, that happens through the connection with sensations of the body and allowing for its impulses. I am inviting to the space in which deep release of tensions, holdings, and patterns can happen. 

Being in contact with a human body, emotions, and energies gives me a sense of presence and fulfillment.  I strive to bring myself into the connection in a true, authentic way while being a curious and open witness to my client’s process.


I perceive it as a way of living, which allows me for continuous exploration of myself and others while coming closer to the essence of life, consciousness, and aliveness.



For many years I have been exploring the longing to integrate areas of my education, work, passions, and social life. From the moment, when I fully committed to it, I have focused on practices that put another human in the center of attention, and that allow exploring the presence, aliveness, and authenticity.





Ernest Holm Svendsen

Therapist, best-seller author

Sessions with Mateusz allowed me to sink into the body and tune into its needs and natural impulses. While the process was organically unfolding I could release physical tensions, and feel into their emotional component which allowed for more complete integration. It left me with a deep sense of calmness and grounding.

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