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My path toward self-discovery

Some years ago, I was on a dramatically different life path, that was closer to my parent’s dream about me. I graduated with a Power Engineering bachelor’s degree and spent 2.5 years working in Business Development in a very corporate environment while living in Belgium. That was for me a vastly unhappy chapter of life, and at that point already for around 5 years topics of psychology, spirituality, and the nature of reality were nudging me and inviting me into the unknown.  But I needed still to take one more turn, before the final shift. I moved to Denmark and started my master’s degree in Wind Energy at DTU. After a year of having good results, but bad self-consciousness, it became clear, that the time has come to follow my deeper calling. The deeper calling toward presence, self-understanding, and healing.


Since then, exploring the nature of the human psyche, body, and awareness is my deepest and most truthful passion. Particularly when it happens in a relationship with another human, group of people, or nature. I feel a strong pull toward a more conscious life, connected to qualities of Presence, Truth, and Trust.  That yearning manifests in my professional life, as a holistic practitioner, but also in my private life, in which I am greatly excited to explore my friendships, communities, relationships, my own personality structure, and access to Essence.

The Work

On my path toward healing, the tools and modalities that gave me the most also became tools that I apply to work with others. I have explored over years teachings of breathwork, bodywork, psychotherapy approaches, mindfulness, and shamanic traditions. Nowadays I am maturing my skills, and the directions that excite me the most are related to developmental trauma, presence-based inquiry, alternated states of consciousness, and spirituality.  


In my work, I enjoy most supporting people who are longing for making a bigger change in their lives. When a client can commit their time, resources, and focus to the Work we do, it becomes transformative, deep, and nourishing. That gives me excitement, gratitude, and joy. 

Mateusz from Embodied Release, about me page.
Mateusz Jedrzejewski, the founder of Embodied Release, holistic approach to healing.


For many years I have been exploring the longing to integrate areas of my education, work, passion, and social life. From the moment, when I fully committed to it, I have focused on practices that put another human in the center of attention and allow exploring the presence, truth, trust, and surrender.



  • Psychotherapeutic approach: Compassionate Inquiry by Gabor Mate (380h, 1.5 years practitioner training)

  • Somatic psychology: Bodynamics (150h, 1-year foundation training)

Testimonials of individua bodyl therapy sessions at Embodied Release.



Mateusz helped me to release feelings that I had held on to for a long time. I used to be fearful or angry most of the time. After a few sessions, I was able to release these feelings. I now have a wider range of more subtle emotions. I am also more relaxed and am able to stay calm in stressful situations.


Embodied Release means to me bringing the potential for a lasting change, in my own, and another person's life. Change happens by connecting with sensations of the body and the emotional charge of the past. That process is held in the space of safety, compassion, and awareness and allows for a deep release of tensions, and behavioral patterns. 


I want to commit to being a compassionate witness of the processes of my clients, who trust everyone's own capacity for healing and intelligence of the body. My goal is to support people in discovering their own truth, and sometimes for the first time since childhood getting in touch with their authenticity and freedom. 


During sessions, I invite you into a space where everything is welcome. The full range of your emotions, from sadness to joy, anger and love, terror and peacefulness. My desire is to be in a therapeutic relationship, with no plan of how someone's healing should look like but being guided by the present moment.


with gratitude,


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