Embodied Release brings the potential for a lasting change in one's physical and emotional body, which happens through touch, breath, movement,  allowing for free expression, and meditation.

During the session, you might experience releasing tensions, pains, emotional blockages, and stuckness of various origins. As a result, you will feel more at peace, connected with yourself and with the world around you. 

In my work, I focus on embodied and trauma-informed modalities that are based on fundaments of presence, attunement, curiosity, compassion, and togetherness. I believe in the intelligence of the body for self-healing, our intuition, and trusting everyone's own process.



I am offering individual sessions that are based on elements of touch, breath, movement, felt sense (conscious noticing of sensations in the body), and meditation. The approach which I am offering comes from trauma-informed therapies. The most common symptoms and areas with which I am supporting clients are:

  • High-stress levels

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Traumas (shock and developmental)

  • Body fatigue, tiredness, lack of vitality

  • Emotional stuckness 

  • Energetical or physical sense of misalignment

  • Chronic pains (lower back, neck, shoulder, stomach, head, jaws...)

  • Muscular tensions and discomfort

  • Post-COVID symptoms (short breath, body fatigue)


Below you can find more information about the modalities with which I am working. If you find yourself being uncertain which session could be more tailored for your needs contact me. Exchange for the session is in the range of 750 - 1250 dkk/session. You are welcome to find the price in that range which you can afford. 


I recommend working in a series of sessions happening every 1 or 2 weeks. Sometimes clients experience big openings and changes already after a single meeting, and the other times we need to deepen your process from one session to another as a continuous journey. 



Body Therapy



Breath Therapy




Ernest Holm Svendsen

Therapist, best-seller author

Sessions with Mateusz allowed me to sink into the body and tune into its needs and natural impulses. While the process was organically unfolding I could release physical tensions, and feel into their emotional component which allowed for more complete integration. It left me with a deep sense of calmness and grounding.


Being in contact with a human body, emotions, and energies give me a sense of presence and depth.  I strive to bring myself into the connection in a true, authentic way while being a curious and open witness to my client’s process.

Embodied Release means to me bringing the potential for a lasting change, in my own, and another person's life. Change, which happens through connection with sensations of the body and allowing for its impulses. 

My invitation is to co-create space in which deep release of tensions, holdings, and patterns can happen. 


I perceive it as a way of living, which allows me for continuous exploration of myself and others while coming closer to the essence of life and aliveness.



My past background is in the field of Renewable Energy Engineering with work experience in the corporate world. Throughout many years I have been exploring the longing to integrate areas of my education, work, passions, and social life. From the moment, when I fully committed to it, I have focused on practices that put another human in the center of attention, and which allow exploring the presence, aliveness, and togetherness.


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In case you have any questions feel very welcome to contact me. 

Mateusz Jedrzejewski

Relational Spaces

Ryesgade 15, 2200 København, Denmark


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